An Analysis Of Jim Sanderson 's Faded Love And Euripides ' Medea

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Jim Sanderson’s Faded Love and Euripides’ Medea come from completely different points in time, yet they show numerous similarities. In this paper I will examine literary elements in both works that help develop the story, the role of tragedy as a theme, and numerous similarities that are listed throughout both stories.
In Faded Love we start our short story in Odessa, Texas at a car dealership where two former University of Texas football players by the names Bailey Waller and Pooter Elam work. Immediately into the story Bailey confronts his boss about wanting to take a job elsewhere at the local middle school as a history teacher and football coach. Bailey’s boss agrees without hesitation and helps him secure the position. Bailey’s love interest is a woman named Joan Phelan whom he met at college, and later on went to marry. However, the reader quickly realizes that this marriage is a one-sided relationship and is dwindling down to a divorce. A violent outburst at Bailey’s first coaching debut and an unwelcoming encounter with a man that Joan is seeing are the first two signs of Bailey’s downhill trickle. In the second chapter entitled “Someone To Watch Over” we are informed about death of Bailey Waller. His car catapulted down into a gorge just off Interstate 10. Pooter and Joan have a few encounters after the small funeral and eventually we find them both residing in Austin, Texas. Joan was in the political spotlight climbing her way to the top when the scandal broke…

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