An Analysis Of Horace Walpole, Nathaniel Hawthorne, And J. P. Allan Poe

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There have been many important influences throughout the ages in the horror genre such as Horace Walpole, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, and H. P. Lovecraft. All the way from Edgar allen Poe to H.P. Lovecraft. There have been many influential horror or Gothic writers throughout the ages. Though in the early days of Horror this form of storytelling were called Gothics and or Romances. Horace Walpole, one of the first to use grim story elements in his stories. He also liked to refer to his most influential work as a romantic. On September 24, 1717 he was born. His family was for lack of a better term racked down from grief. They spoiled the son Horace. Horace was often referred as on the greatest letter writers in his time. His most famous work was the Castle of Otranto it was inspired by his fascination with a castle in strawberry hill. The story itself follows a man named Manfred, who owns the castle of Orentro. He seeks the affections of Isabella, who he hopes will produce him a son. However, throughout the book Manfreds machinations help to cause the castle to become haunted (Walpole 's Castle of Oratro). At the time people reacted relatively well to the novel given people 's fascination with gothic revival architecture. Even influencing Clara Reeve 's The Old English Baron in 1778 and MG Lewis 's The Monk in 1796. Though at the time of 1760’s people didn’t think of fiction as a good use of a gentleman 's time. It was only after the second…

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