Essay on An Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey '

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"The Odyssey" is an epic tale by a famous Greek poet, Homer. After being away from his kingdom in Troy for twenty years due to war, Odysseus and his crew started to make their journey back home. Unfortunately, they ran into some trouble along the way. Little did he know, his kingdom had been taken over by gentleman called suitors. While he spent years with other women on his journey back to the kingdom, his wife, Penelope, was holding off marrying anyone else because she had faith he was still going to return home to her and their son, Telemachus. Women played a vital role in this epic tale. One that not even today 's society could compare to. There are three different types of women in this story: the seducers, the goddesses, and the wives. Circe, Calypso, and Siren are all three very attractive women in the book of Odyssey. But what makes them so appealing to Odysseus and other men in this epic tale? Circe, the beautiful witch-goddess, lured Odysseus ' crew in with her beauty then turned them into swine. "She does everything she can to help him. In addition to releasing the spell that turned his men into swine, she is such an excellent hostess and lover to Odysseus that his men must talk him into going on with the journey a full year later" (Harcourt). Odysseus and his crew went on their way. But what made them stop at Aeaea? Knowing a beautiful Goddess lived in a mansion, Odysseus wanted to see her. His crew failing when it came to not falling into her trap. Although…

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