An Analysis Of ' Hills Like White Elephants ' Essay

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An Analysis over “Hills Like White Elephants” “Hills Like White Elephants” is a very unique story, but it does not operate like most other traditional short stories. It is structured as if you, the reader, are in the same room as the couple, sitting next to them by the bar and you are able to tune in to the couple’s conversation to overhear a personal conflict between the two. Hemingway executes this perfectly by giving the reader as little detail of the characters and conflict, but respects the reader’s knowledge by giving clues that allow the reader to piece together the topic of conversation and the relationship between the couple. The earliest draft of this story had a biographical basis according to author, James Nagel, of “Literature Resource Center,” where he comments that around the time Hemingway’s first wife became pregnant in 1923, he was complaining that he was not ready to take on the responsibilities of parenthood and did not want to take the time to care for a child. The personal ordeal may have been inspiration for this short story. In an earlier sketch, Hemingway explored the central situation, it was written in the first person, and referred to the woman in the story as “Hadley.” The tone of this draft was positive, but after a situation occurred between Hemingway and Hadley (his first wife) it led to his marriage ending in a divorce. He later returned to the subject in May of 1927 when he was about to marry Pauline Pfeiffer, and he transformed the plot…

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