The Importance Of Five Practices For Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions

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5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions

Future employers of the twenty-first century are looking for employees that can think, reason, and engage in problem solving while working as a team. In order to nurture students to develop these skills, we as teachers need to also evolve our teaching skills by providing learning opportunities that stimulate future work environments. Research shows that cognitively challenging tasks is one of the most effective methods for achieving this goal.
Cognitively challenging tasks are open ended tasks that may have more than one answer and a variety of approaches to solving the problems. Teachers are implementing these tasks and the three phrases: launching of the task, exploring
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Chapter One gave a brief overview of the five practices. After reading the practices, it reminded me of the Wednesday night tasks that I participated in. Without realizing it, the team was modeling the five practices and prepping me for the summer workshop and future implementation of these practices in my classroom. As I read the first chapter the repeating theme was the importance of preplanning and anticipating how the students might solve the problem and what leading questions could I ask to help them make the mathematical connections to the objective and strategies. Careful planning can reduce behavior problems and help the lesson flow more smoothly. More importantly, careful planning can make the difference between a good lesson and a life learned lesson for …show more content…
I found it enlightening the monitoring sheet that Nick Bannister used. I use a monitoring system when using the Daily 5 Reading Technique. I plan on modifying the program on my ipad that I use for Daily 5 to monitor observations during cognitive challenging math tasks. I will already have the students name listed. I can check their name off as they present to make sure everyone has a chance to present. I can make notes as I monitor on the program also. I will have to find a way that I can mark how I want to sequence the order of the presentations. I can also make notes about which students need more practice with certain concepts and which students are ready to try more challenging

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