An Analysis Of First Writing Since By Suheir Hammad

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Shattered buildings, ashes covering the city, broken hearts and jaded families. A tragic incident that took place 14 years ago, killing thousands and scarring those who survived, both mentally and physically. The attacks were blamed on Muslim terrorists, which lead to a great increase of Islamophobia, especially amongst Americans. The collapse traumatized the nation and affected most, including Palestinian-American author and poet Suheir Hammad. She witnessed the tragic event and composed the poem “First Writing Since”, expressing her anti-war position and experience of racial discrimination following the attacks. Through the use of symbolism, comparison, and repetition, Hammad expressed her position on the life-altering attacks that shaped the future of foreign relations for years to come. The author …show more content…
Affirm life.
Affirm life. (102-106)
The author repeats “Affirm life” to put emphasis on the sense of a positive meaning towards life. To treat everyone better, spread positive energy, and conclude that everyone will be okay. Through these lines, Hammad gives the reader a sense of her peacekeeping attitude, and that regardless of how people treat her, she will show respect and keep a positive attitude towards her life.
Suheir Hammad shared her experience of the collapse of the twin towers through her powerful poem “First Writing Since”. An event that occurred over a decade ago but left a lifelong impact on people. On people like Hammad, who suffered the blame and became victim of racial discrimination that is still present in today’s time. Nevertheless, she and many others still fight for peace in their countries and of others. Regardless of what is thrown their way they do not keep quiet. Hammad expressed her fears and worries regarding herself, her family, and her people, and her emotions of anger yet not have the will to kill, something not everyone possess. Perhaps the increased Islamophobia was planned to cover up the dirty work of white

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