An Analysis Of Eudora Welty 's ' Why I Live At The P.o ' Essay

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Being an older child in a family does not always have its benefits. Sometimes it puts you at a disadvantage when having younger brothers/sisters. Your parents might let them get away with more than they ever let you get away with, or they might even take up for them more than they would you. Having your parents and relatives take up for them in times that you know they should be either upset or disappointed in them might make you try to point it out to them. It would create an internal battle with your emotions for your brother/sister and your parents and relatives. Eudora Welty gives us a story of an older sister that feels this exact way in “Why I live at the P.O.” The older sister, which is the narrator, tells us from the beginning of the story that her younger sister, Stella-Rondo, “She’s always had anything in the world she wanted and then she’d throw it away.” (Welty 660 par.4). You can already hear the sibling push and pull in the story from the start. Stella-Rondo had just shown back up at home and the two sisters had started in on each other. The mother has already been taking Stella-Rondo’s side and getting on to the older sister. Sibling rivalry is one battle that never ends no matter how old they become. When Stella-Rondo sees that the mother has started taking her side, she starts seeing what other family members she can turn against her older sister. She tries to turn them by telling them lies to get the relatives to get mad at the older sister. First, she…

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