An Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's Stories Are Wonderful, And They Still Stand Up

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Vivica Williams
Guidorizzi 7

The Mysterious Poe

“Poe’s stories are wonderful, and they still stand up, they’re as readable as they were when I first encountered them in my teens” (King 1). Edgar Allan Poe, a life-long writer, wrote comedies, fiction, and even created the first detective story. He is well known for his work because of the bizarre and gruesome imagination and details in his works. Poe is also known as the creator of symbolism and surrealism, as well as being influential around the world. Edgar Allan Poe is the one of the most influential writers who created the modern day detective stories.

The works of Poe led to the creation of today’s well known detective entertainment. Poe was a great inventor in the world of literature and he was the creator of many forms of new literature and literary idealisms. “In just three stories, Poe created the amatuer detective and his narrator friend, the locked-room mystery, the talented but eccentric ameteur sleuth outwitting the official police force, interviews with witnesses, the first fictional case of an animal committing a perceived murder, the first armchair detective, the first fictional case which claimed to solve a real murder mystery previously unsolved by police, the concept of hiding something in plain sight so that it is overlooked by everyone who is searching for it (except for the detective … ), scattering of false clues by the criminal, accusing someone unjustly, the concept of ratiocination and…

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