An Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' The City Of The Sea ' Essay

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The american author was known for his use of themes, such as death, horror,women and guilt. Each theme was written about with his use of gothic style. Edgar allan Poe was consistently surrounded by death, including the death of his mother, as well as his wife.( Much of Poe’s background plays a role in his writing, which is why death was one of his central themes. Dameron writes that throughout many of his works, he has a tendency to focus on death.(13) Tate states states that death can be seen as an inevitable annihilation. For example, in Eureka, Poe explains that everything comes to an end, with an inevitable annihilation created from the beginning. Poe makes it seem as if everything will eventually become nothingness once again. (216) “The City in the Sea” is another example of Poe’s reoccurring theme of death. (Tate 224) Tate goes on to say “Everything in Poe is dead”. The story of “The City in the Sea” has a city sliping into nothingness, which can be equated to the death of a human. (Tate 224) Elmer writes that Edgar allan Poe uses death to create a greater sense of feeling out of the reader. Poe creates a bond between the reader and the character, then kills the character evoking more emotion from the reader. The death is more felt by the reader because of the connection established. (110) Gargano explains that Edgar allan Poe’s characters are usually dealing with an immense feeling of regret and guilt, especially after commiting an immoral acton.…

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