Essay An Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe And Kate Chopin

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Edgar Allan Poe and Kate Chopin are two very influential and talented writers. Their short stories and poems have influenced readers and writers worldwide. Although they both wrote short stories, their works differed in technique and intent. Edgar Alan Poe and Kate Chopin 's short stories contrast greatly because of the way their personal background, the influence their unique experiences, and intentions had on their work.
Poe had a harsh childhood, and experienced deep loss. Both of his parents died before he was three years old, and was raised as a foster child in Virginia. Despite his rough childhood he attended high-end schools, the best boarding schools and the University of Virginia at Charlottesville in 1825 where he excelled, and first started writing. Consequently he was kicked out due to his failure to pay off his gambling debts (“Edgar Allan Poe”). He later returned to Boston, and joined the army. After leaving the Military Academy at West Point he started to sell his short stories to magazines, and became the editor of the Southern Literary Messenger in 1836. He wrote some of his best works in the 1840s but took a turn for the worst when his wife died, causing increased depression and alcoholism. He died late in 1849 to what doctors think was rabies. (
Like Poe, Chopin, had a diverse early life. She was born in Missouri in 1850 and grew up bilingual, and bicultural which she loved. Her grandmother, Victoria Verdon Charleville taught her to speak…

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