An Analysis Of Desdemona And Othello's Love

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1. At this point in the play Roderigo only seems to have one, maybe two, dimensions to him. The biggest dimension that he displays in Act One is that he is an idiot. When he is talking to Brabantio, Desdemona’s dad, he tells him to check to see if Desdemona is her her room. Why would he want her to get in trouble if he loves her? Answer: He is being manipulated by Iago. Roderigo is a mere nitwit that will do anything for love. That is a positive he has going for him. He loves Desdemona so much that he is harmless and seems like he could not hurt a fly. Even Brabantio knows him and is annoyed with him because he knows that nothing good can come from him because he is so innocent, “The worser welcome” (I.i.106). Another possible dimension
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Desdemona and Othello’s love is not true love. Most relationships go through phases: meeting, chase, honeymoon, and so on and so forth. Desdemona and Othello jumped right into the honeymoon stage, which means their relationship has no foundation. They fawn over each other, or more so Desdemona fawns over Othello. The reason they had fallen in love is because Desdemona was mesmerized by Othello’s tales, “She’d come again, and with a greedy ear” (I.iii.173). Their whole relationship is based on Desdemona wanting to listen to Othello’s stories and giving him praise for his bravery and pitying him. Othello even said that this is how he “won” Desdemona over, “This only is the witchcraft I have used” (I.iii.195). Not only is it the way they stumbled into their relationship but also the different personality types between them. Othello has mainly only been to war and fought in battles, he is: strong, intelligent, and established. On the other hand Desdemona is innocent and naive, simply looking for love and she 's willing to take the first man who comes along. Not only personalities but their races and ages differ greatly, this seems to suggest that they might simply be together to prove a point and rebel against Desdemona’s father and have a significant influence on that …show more content…
The Willow Songs effect is that Desdemona is realizing how her life is related to her mother 's servants, who sang the song, and how her life came to an end. It was originally sung by her one of her mother 's servant, she loved a crazy man yet she loved him so much she would do anything for him, “...Let nobody blame him, his scorn I approve” (IV.iii.56). Throughout singing it Desdemona begins to realize that her situation is turning into her mother 's situation. She loves Othello and would do anything for him yet he is turning crazy accusing her of cheating. A willow is a sad tree, it droops and are often times deserted by themselves. This is also how Desdemona feels, she’s being deserted and left alone, sad. The interruptions in a way foreshadow her death. She is bathing and preparing to go to bed where soon she is to die by her own lover and interrupts the song by singing the wrong lyrics. Through singing the willow song I believe Desdemona knows she is going to die and its symbolic showing us that history repeats

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