An Analysis Of David L. Snead 's ' An American Soldier ' World War I The Author '

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In the novel, An American Soldier in World War I the author, David L. Snead seeks to provide the reader with an accurate account of the first war through one of possibly the last remaining written letter of a soldier. Through the novel the reader is able to gain insight on the condition of training and preparation, combat, and a soldiers relationship with those he has had to leave. The way in which the author depicts each of these experiences truly draws the reader in and has them rooting for Brownie, whom which is the main character.
Throughout the novel the author does his best to set the surrounding or condition of the area that the soldiers occupy. From early on it is known to the reader that the United States was at a shortage for many supplies. The army simply was not able to keep up with the rapidly growing amount of soldiers enlisted. “The army had only enough housing in the United States for 124, 000 soldiers in April 1917. There were ten times that number just in the army by the end of the year.” (15) Those sentences taken right from the book only pages in, set the tone for how the conditions would be for the duration of the war. Also the just a few days into Brownies training he is served, “corn-flakes and milk” it turned out the milk was less than to be desired for, “it was plain water with just enough condensed milk in it to make it the right color.”(13) Again with shortages such as these so early on the reader begins to wonder how the soldiers will make for…

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