Essay on An Analysis Of Chuck Neubauer 's ' A Woman Named ' Jane

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In an article from Chuck Neubauer from the Washington Times, we can get a current glimpse into what modern day slavery looks like, as well as listen to the story of a survivor of human trafficking. Her ordeal is important because it shows that, although slavery has been outlawed and is a human rights violation, it’s believed that more women today are enslaved in human trafficking than in any other point in history.
Human trafficking today primarily involves kidnapping and forcing women into prostitution, as well as slave like work. Such as, becoming a male brides, or forced labor, like being forced to work in a restaurant for little to no pay, and working as day labor laborious on farms. In Chuck Neubauer article, a woman named "Jane" describes her ordeal as s human trafficking victim. "Jane" (withholding real name), had a rough life, she was raised in a rough home, with a disorganized family. Her mother was a drug addict, as well as her father. She was also molested multiple times as a kid. As she grew up she moved from home to home, and when she went to be with a family friend the woman then " forced her to work as a prostitute and to sell drugs" (WT). When she refused she said that they "choked and punched me till I agreed"(WT)."Jane’s" ordeal is just 1 story out of the millions of women that have gone through this. The 1850 's California Gold Rush produced a massive prostitution ring for men heading to California.
These women worked in places called "Crib Hotels",…

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