An Analysis Of Charlotte Perkins Gilman 's ' Yellow Wallpaper '

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The brief story “Yellow Wallpaper” written by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman is a powerful, and complex apologue with several twists and turns. The psychological focus of the story is a female protagonist, who is strongly convinced that she is sick with a nervous condition based on the findings of a physician, and her supposed husband (Gilman 655). This nervous condition seemed to develop into a more serious mental disease that is portrayed by the protagonist visualizing a second woman hiding within the hideous wallpaper, which leaves the reader to consider that the mental health of the woman has deteriorated (Gilman 661). Based on the elaborating plot of the story, the female protagonist is in fact mentally ill (possibly schizophrenic) since the introduction of the article.

From the commencement of the story, it has been pronounced that the woman is unwell in some manner due to John giving her “...A schedule prescription for every hour of the day…” (Gilman 656). Even more so, the degeneration of the woman’s mental health has decreased to such a point that she no longer has the same personality towards the conclusion of her memoir she wrote in her diary. In fact, towards the inauguration, the wife has the compliant personality that John particularly wishes her to have, and eventually breaks free to materialize into the mysterious woman in the wallpaper that is literally shaking it to be set free (Gilman 661). The schizophrenic logic behind the story is that the walled woman…

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