An Analysis Of Charlotte Perkins Gilman 's ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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When one reads a short story like “The Yellow Wallpaper” they tend to categorize it as a horror story, but it actually is a story about a women’s plea to convey her thoughts and feelings rather than being told to keep it all in. As a result, she begins to write her feelings down in a secret journal which she hides from her husband and caretaker in fear of their disapproval. The journal becomes the woman’s outlet to express herself. I strongly believe if she was given an opportunity to write down her thoughts and feelings on a day to day basis without having to hide them from the world, she would have a faster recovery from depression. As Charlotte Perkins Gilman takes the reader on this journey she begins to unveil different aspects about the character, and the reader begins to see the transition of the woman from a simple housewife to a women in serious need of psychiatric help. The woman, who is also the narrator, is a dynamic round character because she undergoes a drastic change in personality and behavior. Throughout the narrative the character’s graph becomes a downwards slope which slowly leads her to destruction. In the beginning of the short story, the woman is portrayed to be a typical woman in the 1800s by talking about the colonial mansion they have rented for the summer and the beautiful garden outside their house. She also establishes her interest for writing early on in the narrative.
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