An Analysis Of Charlie From Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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What does it mean to be mature? Maturity can be classified in a variety of sections such as emotional, physical, and intellectual. Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, excels in emotional maturity. “Emotional maturity is defined as the strength and courage to actualize individual abilities within the frame of social demands” (Landau and Weissler, 100). From the beginning of the novel, Charlie bears more emotionally mature traits than the adults and the higher classed children showcase in the narrative. Charlie’s individual abilities that prevail even through the social demands of capitalism are his virtues. These traits include selflessness, restraint, and lack of material desire. Through the other characters’ lack of maturity, Charlie’s maturity is emphasized. Charlie does not conform to adult society; he rises above it through his emotionally mature traits. The first virtue Charlie displays in selflessness. The first scene that makes this quality shine through is when he wants to share his Birthday chocolate bar with everyone; he even begs the other family members to take a piece of the bar (29). The maturity in this passage is particularly evident because children are hardly ever depicted as being willing to share the only Birthday present they get. This is particularly unique because Charlie is poor, and, at the time, it seems logical that this is the only treat he would get for the year. He seems to have knowledge beyond his years that to have all his…

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