An Analysis Of Bonnie Steinbock 's Speciesism And The Idea Of Equality

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Animal’s Capabilities In Bonnie Steinbock’s “Speciesism and the Idea of Equality” she provides arguments against those of Peter Singers in his article “All Animals are Equal.” Steinbock argues that non-human animals should have specifics rights. She didn’t go as far as saying that they should have the right to vote or marry, but the right to be recognized as coherent beings just as capable of suffering and feeling as we are. The way that I see it, Steinbock provides some valid points but fails to acknowledge the quantity of animals in our world, and that there are some animals that we don’t care if they suffer. Steinbock starts out her argument by explaining the mistreatment of animals and why she thinks that this mistreatment occurs, and compares it to the treatment of humans. She rightly stated that cruelty is wrong and that it happens to both human and non-human animals. A majority of animals have not yet reached the level of intelligence that we as humans have. There is a reason we are at the top of the food chain. Steinbock states that “One has a prima facie reason not to pull the cat 's tail (whether or not the cat has rights) because it hurts the cat. And this is the only thing, normally, which is relevant in this case.” This section states that a majority of people have the correct moral treatment towards non-human animals. Just because most people have this correct moral direction does not mean it applies to everyone. There will always be a deviation to this rule…

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