Essay on An Analysis of Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya

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Antonio’s family always believed it was his destiny to become a wise pastor. They wished that he would become a man of learning, and Antonio wanted to live up to their expectation and be pure, but not everything follows up to what he expected from God. In Bless Me, Ultima, Rudolfo Anaya uses parallelism, active voice, varieties of sentences, and rhythm of speech to illustrate the significant moment which is the foreshadowing of Antonio’s destiny. Anaya uses parallelism to show more meaning to what is being said. The mother says, “Ana especially bless my Antonio, that all my go well for him and that he may be a man of great learning”(Anaya 55). Anaya shows how much Antonio’s mother cares for him by using the that clause when she asks …show more content…
The whirlwinds strike and knock Antonio off his feet, the whirlwinds calls his name. The dust devils seem more fearsome when the characteristics of evil are present. Making the subject come to life really helps the reader see how Antonio is facing the power of evil as a blessing. This seems like a foreshadow to what Antonio is going to learn as he matures and that knowledge of evil can also be part of growth. Anaya also uses a variety of sentences such as the strung-along sentence. When writing about the dust devils, he writes, “They come from nowhere,” but instead of leaving it at that, he adds on to it with, “made by the heat of hell, they carry with them the evil spirit of a devil, they lift sand and papers in their path”(Anaya 55). The added details help create a more lively subject that makes the whirlwinds more evil than they really are. Being blessed by such an evil force shows Antonio will learn of evil and become impure in the process which his mother doesn’t want, but it will make him into a better person. Lastly, Anaya uses rhythm of speech to show the significance of some sentences that he wants the reader to realize. When describing the dust devil, he greats a long sentences that are full of depth and color, but when there is something important to notice, “The power of God is so great”(Anaya 55), the short sentence gives emphasis out

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