Stereotypes In The Film And Musical

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Belle first song- The first scene in the movie and musical is in a small French Village far in the past. The little town has lovey one minded people singing the first song “Belle.” This is the first time the audience meets Belle as she is going to get another book from the bookshop. The audience sees the Disney basic princesses as “she is fair skinned with straight long hair and wide eyes. She is skinny, with a tiny waist and delicate hands. Her voice is charming and she sings beautifully,” (An Analysis of Stereotypes). She looks like she fits in very well into the town and the social norms of the town. The interactions of the town’s people show just how artificial the town really is. The towns have small talk and ask ‘how are you?’ The people do not like that she is …show more content…
Soon, she’ll start getting ideas, and thinking.” When Belle calls him “primeval” he answers by saying “Why thank you,”’ (An Analysis of Stereotypes). This one section shows to different ideas. It shows the anti-feminist ideas that surround the world, and it also puts Disney in a good light because it shows how Belle is breaking away from these ‘primeval’ ideas. Gaston thinking that it is not good for a woman to read, if she reads she is going to start thing, and then realize the flaws in their society. His own masculinity would be threatened if she started learning and thinking. She clearly already sees past his good looks and skill and sees him for a shallow man (An Analysis of Stereotypes). Gaston is interested in Belle because she keeps rejecting him and what everyone else expects rom her. This starts when Belle’s beauty is questioned. Craven says, “unlike the traditional Beauty, adored for her virtue and beauty, bookish Belle is at odds with her community, and this makes her the object of Gaston’s attention,” (Craven 2002: 130). This really shows that there is a difference between Belle and her Beauty.

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