An Analysis Of Barry Champlain 's ' The Novel ' And The Book Covered '

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Barry Champlain was a “nice place to visit, but I would not want to live there” (Bogosian 43). He was a prodigious example of a three-dimensional character. Champlain was yearning for success through his radio show as the host. He succeeded by being a bully, who fed on the innocence and insecurities of other people. His liberal views went hand in hand with his humor. Both the film and the book covered how he dealt with anti-Semitism comments regarding his Jewish background, his murky past and how it affected his road to a nationwide success. They also gave the audience and the readers, a glimpse into his personal life and his struggle as he came to terms with the persona that he had created. The audience got a better understanding of what made him so angry while the readers were perplexed by his demeanor as a radio host. As a radio host, he was an oppressor. He picked on the feeblest who had poor self-esteem and made them feel more insecure with no remorse. “Henry: Your attitude is immoral. Barry: Oh, did I hurt your feelings pal? Go tell it to your shrink.” Then he goes on to tell Henry, “Too bad you can’t keep an intelligent conversation in a normal tone of voice” (Bogosian 34). His remarks towards Henry were eye openers’ into how Champlain felt about his critics. He wanted people to argue against him, but they never won the argument. He was also insecure about himself and shielded from agony of being hurt by others by being blatantly cruel.
His liberal views transcended…

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