Resistance To Tyrany In Aristophanes 'Lysistrata'

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Resistance to tyranny is man’s highest ideal, according to Emma Goldman. In connection, the existence of tyranny, in whatever approach, the sincere ambitions of man must resist it as a proof of social inequalities in society. The principle of patriarchy outlines that men equip themselves to resist women externally and exert force upon the world. A sincere conqueror is a man with the ability to develop individual power against patriarchy. In fact, human history manifests that the dovetailing male directorate rulers who deployed the first wave of women exposed in their power in war, occupations, and fuelling economic extremismin contradiction of the poor. Aristophanes’ Lysistrata provides a comedic depiction of powerfully influential
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Further efforts deemed to put women in that position saw men positioning themselves as heroes even as the former concentrated on domestic chores. Lysistrata discloses the power of women through proto-feminism, despite not considering women as capable of capturing political power. The women confronted the masculine personality to preserve the historical form of life within the Sparta and Athens communities. Even so, the women took individual challenge, as they confronted the male role models and defeated them mentally, physically, and mostly strategically. In addition to sex strike, women took control of the financial reserves in Athens and Acropolis, and barred the masculine characters from squandering them through war. As Goldman (2008) asserts, women, in response, beat back a fierce confrontation on their role by the senior men who remained in the community at the time when energetic men went out to campaign. The events unfolding around Lysistrata simply substantiate that women are intelligent, with the latent to discover the weak points of the male

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