An Analysis Of Amy Tan Coming From Two Chinese Immigrant Parents

1030 Words Oct 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
The Language Barrier has always been a difficult obstacle to overcome in America. Amy Tan coming from two Chinese immigrant parents had a first hand experience of the effects of the language barrier throughout her life. The way people speak the English language is adopted by their family’s adaptation, and these adaptations of English are often perceived as being less intelligent. Tan explains how she would commonly use “broken” English depending on whom she was around. Tan uses logos, pathos, and ethos to scrutinize her mothers’ language in order to show society’s rejoinder to another persons speaking capability. Why should the way someone speaks, declare the service they receive? People with different versions of English get taken less serious. Tan uses her personal experiences with her mother’s English to display this. Tan’s mother’s limited English caused many problems with retrieving important information. Dealing with a very serious situation, Tan’s mother went to the hospital to receive a CAT scan on a brain tumor. The hospital claimed that they had lost the CAT scan and that “she had come for nothing”(636). Tan’s mother said that she spoke very good English, yet the hospital had no sympathy toward her. She was very anxious because both her husband and son had died from brain tumors. Tan’s mother outraged demanded that the doctor call her daughter “who spoke perfect English” (636). After Tan talked on the phone the doctor suddenly ensured files would be found, and a…

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