Essay about An American Family

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People may have different idea of what is a family. The definition of an American family has become a dynamic and changing idea in recent years, now we find public acceptance of new family constructs that were not considered the mainstream. “Family” is a household grouping in all human society. In this essay I will discuss the “many forms of contemporary families and its function” and “some of the economic factors affecting comtemporary family” “the many forms of contemporary families and its functions”. Nuclear family it includes; parents children aunt’s uncles, grandparents living in one household. However single parents are becoming one of the most common family groupings in the United States (Pg61). It is interesting to see how, approximately 34% of American children lived in a single-parents homes in 2012 (Scull, Barbour and king pg61). The larger majority of these single-parents are led by the mother. I understand how this type of family works, because I was raised by a single mother. There is a lot of work involved in been a single mother. The mother work, takes care of the house and children. Another type of family is post nuclear family. This term is used, when the mother or father remarriages. Blended or reconstituted family is when a women or men who don’t have kids married someone else. Extended family is another common type of family in the United States. The mother or the father with children living with and other member of the family it…

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