Essay on An American Childhood Is A Memoir By Annie Dillard

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An American Childhood is a memoir by Annie Dillard. This memoir covers the context of her early childhood to the point where she is a young adult departing her family to go off to college. Throughout these years of Dillard’s life that is open to the reader to digest, the reader learns many fascinating information about Dillard personally. One of these things, is that the reader is led through Dillard’s memoir seeing the importance of the emotional feeling of feeling alive in connection with Dillard’s coming-of-age. The need to feel alive in the things she partakes in begins at a young age for Dillard and carries on throughout. This is brought on by Dillard’s intense curiosity, which aligns with the theme of exploration in An American Childhood, which then results into her partaking in such things that cause her to feel the emotion of feeling alive. In essence, feeling alive wasn’t just important to Dillard in An American Childhood, this emotion plays an important role in her coming-of-age by enabling her to gain realization. The emotional feeling of feeling alive is embraced by Dillard in An American Childhood. The first occurrence that the reader can see this, is during Dillard’s early childhood when she is sitting around her kitchen think “am I living” (16). Dillard starts to think about this when she “watched the unselfconscious trees through the screen door, until the trees’ autumn branches like fins waved away the silence” (16). Engaging in this behavior did not make…

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