Essay on An Amazing Thing Happened, New Inventions

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In the period between 1870 and 1940, an amazing thing happened, new inventions started coming out of nowhere, people started becoming faster and better at everything they did. Trips that would usually take weeks or months turned into hours. Moving thousands of tons of material suddenly became walks in the park. Suddenly there was light in the middle of night, there was medicine, higher buildings, better bridges and roads. Talking to someone across the world was becoming as easy as walking to your closest telephone. The earth seemed to be getting smaller and smaller every day. But in all reality, more and more of it was becoming accessible. All of the joy of the earth did not come without sacrificed of many. “The United States progressed at a breakneck pace, and expanded greatly, the new territory was rich in natural resources.” (The industrial revolution in the United States). The first major milestone was in 1869, when the first transcontinental railroad was completed, “making it easier for people to transport goods, raw materials and people.” (The Industrial Revolution in the United States) There are many products of the industrial revolution that we think about or use every day: electricity, living anywhere that’s not on a farm, driving your car, 12 years of free education, beds, antibiotics, toilets, contraception, tap water, bottled milk, airplanes, bridges, even blueberries in February. All of these inventions and advancements could not have been possible without the…

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