An Amazing 2d Work By Francois Pascal Simon Gerard Essay examples

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Recently we visited the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and we were able to see many fascinating works of art including an amazing 2D work by Francois Pascal Simon Gerard. This work is a portrait of Louise-Antoinette-Scholastique Gueheneuc, Madame la Marechale Lannes, Duchesse de Montebello, with her Children. This painting was made in the year 1814 and is a very beautiful piece of art. This painting is two centuries old and is still in very good shape, it’s size is 102 3/8 by 72 1/16 in. The artist’s brush work is very soft and it makes the painting itself look smooth which catches people 's attention and as you get closer you can see that he tries to make the portrait as smooth as possible but there are some places where you see the changes in the brush stroke and you can see where the strokes overlap as he layers them on. I think the story behind the painting is just simply a family taking a family portrait in a nice outside surrounding. The way the portrait is laid out to where the mother is in the center and it’s sort of lined up diagonally leading up to the mother. Also if you look at smaller details it’s showing what each child likes or what describes them for example one child is holding a book and another is holding a tennis racket and they are all boys except for one and she looks very innocent and sweet and is dressed similar to her mother, wearing a white dress while the boys are wearing suits. The mother is standing up and she looks strong, this effect is made…

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