An Allegory Of The Bible Essay

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Lewis, no doubt, intentionally crafted his characters and scenes religiously within The Chronicles of Narnia, although it is not an allegory of the Bible, but a parallel. It is as if he is making his own bible story in a more imaginative way for children to comprehend in their own manner. Pullman made it clear that he was not objecting to God or religion in His Dark Materials, he was objecting the religious structures and how they are utilized. He did not fully create an archetype, but instead created a negative connotation to many of the Bible’s important figures. Pullman is crafting his characters religiously, but to set his own agenda on demonstrating the so-called “truth” about the Biblical story in his own point of view. Pullman is completely against the idea of organized religion and almost creates a “cult” based book. He insults the Church in so many ways in His Dark Materials and in many opinions misrepresents the nature of man. Not only does he insult the bible in the book, he also believes in irreversible dissolution, the complete opposite of Lewis’ beliefs who resurrected his parallel Christ, Aslan. Christ is God in human form, and Lewis parallels his lion to Christ as Pullman connects God to the all-knowing Dust.
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe tells the story of the death and resurrection of Christ through Aslan. Aslan’s sacrifice on the stone to save Edmund is a direct representation of Jesus’ crucifixion for the sake of humankind. He is more of a…

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