Essay on An Allegorical Explication Of The Vision

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An Allegorical Explication of the vision described in the prophet Ezekiel.
§1. THE blessed Prophet Ezekiel having seen a vision from God and full of glory, made a connection to it, and committed it to writing, a vision full of mysteries surpassing utterance. For he saw in the plains the chariot of the Cherubims, Four spiritual living creatures: Each of which had Four distinct faces: one the face of a Lion, another that of an Eagle, the third an Ox’s face, and the last the face of a Man. To every face there were dings, so that there were no hind parts to any of them, nor anything behind at all. Their hind portion were full of eyes, and their bellies in like manner were thick with eyes: Neither was there any one part about them at all free from eyes. There were also wheels to every face, a wheel within a wheel. Moreover, the Spirit was in the wheels. He was it were their likeness of a man, and under his feet as it were a work of Sapphire. In addition, the chariot bore the Cherubims, and the living creatures the Lord that sat upon them. Now where so ever they went, it was straightforward. Also, he saw under each Cherub as it were the hand of a man supporting and carrying. §2. The prophet saw this in a real subsistence, which was true and certain. Yet the thing it signified, or shadowed forth beforehand, was something different, a matter mysterious and Divine, that very mystery which had in a true sense been hid from [Ages and] Generations, but was…

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