An Alien Run Government Conspiracy : A Hybrid Mixture Of X Files And V For Vendetta

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Twins find themselves on opposing sides of an alien run government conspiracy that threatens to change humanity. While one brother carries out their plans and rises to the presidency, the other wages a war to stop him before it 's too late.
Gemini is a proposed 1-hour sci-fi drama series that is the embodiment of political conspiracy theories with the heart of a superhero epic and the soul of a Shakespearean tragedy. Think of it as a hybrid mixture of X-Files and V for Vendetta. In an exaggerated hyper-realistic 2012, an unchecked shadow government manipulates everyday life behind the scenes under the leadership of a ruthless alien whose goal is to reform humankind - “sheep do not lead themselves, they must be herded into the right direction.” It is about power and control in the guise of goodness.
Should people be allowed to exhibit free will even if it leads them to destruction? Or should they be restricted at the cost of a “better future?” And finally, is human nature geared towards ruin or is there a possibility of hope that we can save ourselves from ourselves? These are only some of the questions the story tackles and attempts to answer. The show 's overarching theme.
The second element deals with the classic battle of good vs. evil – if Mulder and Cigarette Smoking Man got super powers and had to duel it out for the sake of the world. Alien/human hybrid twin brothers are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The good lies with Jackson who has…

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