An Advocate Or Change Agent Essay

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As an advocate or change agent, what factors do you need to consider when weighing differing perspectives about how discrimination and oppression occur in order to make a choice? As a change agent or advocate it is important to look at what type of action or approach is the best one such as advocacy, social action, or empowerment actions. Factors to consider include populations at risk, factors that put populations at risk, the values and limitations of advocacy and the agencies commitment to advocacy are all factors that need to be considered.
When looking at advocacy it is important to look at populations at risk, factors that can contribute to putting populations at risk and what a social worker can do. However, “one factor limiting the effectiveness of advocacy is that, by their nature, human and societal problems often do not lend themselves to massive change. Sometimes all we can do is tackle one piece at a time or take the first steps in the process. In addition, some tasks cannot be accomplished now, because the climate and conditions for change just are not there. For example, it is difficult to successfully advocate for new programs when the entire political process appears focused on cutting taxes and reducing government spending” (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2015, p.380-381). Furthermore, others issues include our own lack of courage and apathy is the most dangerous threat, however, advocacy efforts could be limited because some agencies do not see…

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