An Advocate For The National Rifle Association Essay

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Individuals often believe that one person cannot assert change. This belief leads people to

seek strength in numbers. People join many different types of groups in search of this kind of

power. Gun enthusiasts join the National Rifle Association, which battles for their right to “keep

and bear arms.” ( Parents and teachers join the National Parent Teacher Association,

which serves as an advocate for children. ( Doctors join the American Medical

Association, which puts them in touch with the resources they need to succeed in their field.

( Unions offer this same sense of protection to employees. Many employees

can choose to join a labor union to protect their rights in the workplace. Employees join unions

because they offer a sense of security in a tumultuous job market and operate as a liaison

between employer and employee, although doing so exposes them to different risks.

People feel powerless to defend themselves from the large corporations that employ

them; they need an advocate to fill this void. A common complaint among employees is that they

are treated unfairly. Employees look to unions to protect them from an employer who would

otherwise take advantage of their reliance on a paycheck. Most employees are unable or

unwilling to enter negotiations with employers as an individual, particularly on sensitive issues

such as pay and benefits. Unions have a proven track record of their ability to make changes; this…

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