An Advertisement On The Importance Of Safe Driving Essay

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The advert "Think of both sides" is an advert on the importance of safe driving. The visual and text based advert was first published and aired in December of 2013. It has three main types of visuals; it has two parents at the front of the moving car who are each preoccupied with different activities, the father is on the phone while the mother is holding a map while talking to the father at the front there is a school child crossing the road and is about to be hit by th car since the driver is distracted by many things, in the back of the car is the child of the two parents in the front his face is juxtaposed with that of the child about to be hit by the car who has his hands up in defense and has his mouth wide open in shock just before the car hits him. The image is very powerful and it has two captions at the top it is written "think of both sides" at the bottom it is written " The number of car accidents involving children increases during school holidays. Please be extremely careful”. In this visual text message there is utilization of various rhetorical strategies in trying to drive the message on responsible driving home to the target audience who are mostly parents or parents to be. The advert uses, emotional appeal, also there is use of ethical appeal in the visual text, the authors also use logical appeal to convince the target audience of the need to be more careful on the roads. The road safety advertisement uses three rhetorical strategies in selling the…

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