An Advertisement For The Security Glass Essay

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Have you ever seen an advertisement that will just leave you in awe? Well 3M is a company that went above and beyond with their advertisement, along with the confidence in their product. Simple ad with a powerful and everlasting message is an effective ad. Not every ad can let you get away without thinking about it like the one 3M did.
3M ad for their security glass is really the one you can’t miss simply by walking down this particular bus stop in Canada. Base on the company name they call this a 3 Million Dollar challenge, if you can break it, you can keep it. Now what will catch your attention is the money, between the two protective 3M glass there is what seem to be 3 Million in cash. Of course in reality it’s simply fake money as a representation. Although 3M does still stay true to the challenge and reward you with a check of the amount if you did manage to break it. The ad might not show a lot, yet it does make you consider a lot. Saying we build durable glass is one thing and applying it is another, which get you to wonder what else benefit from having a stronger glass.
Strong security glass is a very appealing creation to many people and businesses. Buildings, cars, airplanes, and much more will need a sturdy and better use of glass. Well-made glass will reduces damage in a car accident due to less glass shards soaring around or homes from intruders. With that being said, these are unquestionably important aspect, in that it make people feel safer if they were to…

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