An Advertisement For Camel Cigarettes Essay

773 Words Jul 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
Imagine flipping through a Us Weekly magazine in 2014. All the hot gossip is spread out and the new celebrity fashion blossoms with the colors of the current season. As the page turns an advertisement for Camel cigarettes comes into sight. There’s a hue of “blues” giving off a calm background for a bold smokey title; CAMEL. Three pictures hold center stage to tell a story. The beginning is “passionate” with a match sparking a dancing flame of vibrant yellow, orange, and red. The inferno moves along with the beautiful girl in the angelic mask; she’s “inspired” the viewer to take on the night life. Soon, mellow jazz hits the audience as they watch “original” people learning ragtime on a piano while smoking their cigarettes. Once the story ends, the following shows a yellow camel leading the eye catching words; TASTE IT ALL.
Wait there’s more! A small box at the bottom corner; a required surgeon general’s warning to those thinking of smoking. This ad is effective because it caters to the younger generations’ party vibe which takes away from the health risks. As someone who 's had a rebellious past and smokes Camel cigarettes, I saw the ad right away and wanted to write about it. When I was fourteen, I knew what could happen when I tried a cigarette for the first time, but teens love to take risks and explore new things, especially if that thing is bad for you. Defying parental authority is the teenage goal. Teenagers don’t want to be responsible yet, and to get away from…

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