An Active Mission Statement Vs. An Inactive Mission Essay

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It is important for organizations to differentiate between an active mission statement versus an inactive mission statement. The difference might not seem importance, but the factors that make a mission statement non-relevant can cause complications in the workplace. When workers rely on outdated mission and vision, the expected outcome does not produce the anticipated change. For example, Schemica’ s Burgers and Fries outdated mission states: Our mission is to provide customers with a remarkable meal while creating a great experience for kids through excellent service. When the CEO realized that customers preferred a family orientated atmosphere, Schemica Elston (CEO) decided to focus her attention on a new vision without changing the mission statement. While Schemica’ s Burger and Fries in Miami begin to decline through lack of clarity of the new mission, the restaurant in Tampa had to close down, because it continued to follow the original vision. A clear and relevant mission is the key to maintaining a healthy organization.
A mission statement should be simple to understand. It’s important that every staff member can understand the meaning of the mission statement without a detail explanation. Not only must staff be able to comprehend the vision, the customer should be able to understand the jargon of the mission statement. Customers should be able to point out if the mission is being upheld or not. One of my favorite places to eat in Tampa is 4 Rivers Smokehouse, I…

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