Essay on An Acronym For International System Of The Picture Education

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Isotype, an acronym for International System of TYpographic Picture Education, is a method of graphic design — a system of pictorial statistics. It was developed in Museum of Society & Economy in Vienna, between 1925 and 1934 and was previously known as Vienna Methods of Pictorial Statistics. It was pioneered under the direction of Otto Neurath, a Viennese philosopher and social scientist, developed with the help of his associates. Neurath is known for his work in several fields as a social scientist, economic historian, housing bureaucrat, professor, and museum director. After World War I, he focused on re-conceptualizing and developing a museum of a new kind. He opened the Museum of Settlement and Town Planning in Vienna, which was later, named to Museum of Society & Economy.

Unlike other museums, this one collected facts not artifacts; the museum was no longer a place for housing physical objects but a communicating infrastructure (Hartman 2008). It had a purpose of communicating, educating and facilitating the understanding of complex data to the uneducated and working class masses.

Frank Hartmann points out that, “it was developed from the point of view of a specific socialist conception of adult education and sought to enhance scientific arguments by means of an ‘education by the eye’ ”(2008).

While working on the direction of the museum Neurath observed how a man receives a large part of his knowledge through pictorial impressions – illustrations, lantern…

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