Essay about An Accurate Representation Of Their Identity

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In a society where everyone is expected to project their personalities on social media for all to see, it’s often hard to know what someone is truly like, and if the part of them we see on one platform is an accurate representation of their identity. Outside sources affect various different parts of your identity, which come together to make a complex whole you. These sources, such as the media and society, law enforcement, and more and more importantly, the Internet, have a lot of power over our personal identities and which parts of ourselves we present to them, which has positive and negative effects.
Being a person of color in America is not easy. Because of how beauty is presented in the media, the larger society holds uniform standards of beauty that can’t be fulfilled without changing yourself. Many black people feel the pressure to straighten their hair, bleach their skin, and wear blue contacts to look more white, to be accepted as beautiful. The media imposes the white master narrative, that “This is beautiful, this is lovely, and you’re not it,” (Morrison) and that you need to succumb to that.
The master narrative does not just affect beauty, it also makes people of color feel the need to change the way they speak and act, to hide their culture. In getting rid, of those aspects of who you are, you lose a part of yourself. The law enforcement’s violence towards black men especially forces people to act differently around the police, to be submissive and polite and…

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