An Accounting Course That She Teaches Essay

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On Wednesday February 24, 2016 I conducted in interview with Professor Clarissa Wilkerson. I am currently taking an Accounting course that she teaches. Therefore I was able to obtain the interview with Professor Wilkerson by approaching her after class and explaining the details of this assignment and asking her if she would be able to help me. She received her Master’s degree, which is concentrated in Taxation, from Georgia State University. She is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and has considerable experience in the field of accounting. A few of the topics we discussed were: the importance of teamwork, the way technology is changing accounting, the importance of understanding finance and economics, and the importance of receiving a degree in accounting and also a CPA license.
During the interview, Professor Wilkerson stressed that teamwork is a desirable skill to possess when entering the accounting field. She stated that it is important to provide examples of experiences working with teams or leading teams during the interview process, because most employers will place entry-level accountants in groups or teams. The importance of teamwork is twofold; engaging in teamwork is an opportunity to show leadership skills while simultaneously meeting the challenge of adhering to instruction. Both of these skillsets are crucial because accounting firms often hire young people with the hopes of molding them into the type of leader that will best benefit…

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