`` An Abundance Of The Pieces Of Literature Written By Edgar Allan Poe

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An abundance of the pieces of literature written by Edgar Allan Poe have an atmosphere filled with horror and terror due to several literary strategies used. Poe once stated ¨When I was young and filled with folly, I fell in love with melancholy” (Poe 1). This quote shows a driving force to why many of the stories written by Poe are so dark. Poe uses three main literary components in order to develop an atmosphere for each of his narratives that is truly terrifying. The three main literary components used by Poe are setting, conflict, and characters. All of these components are used in a way that help to portray the atmosphere of the pieces written by Poe in an ominous fashion. As well, these components help to build upon each other by supporting one another in order to help fulfill the eerie tone that Poe thrives for. The use of conflict in each story helps to build an atmosphere of fear and terror by creating dark and dreadful situations, the main characters all give off some sort of melancholy or dark characteristic that haunts everything and everyone around them, and, finally, the use of setting helps to create the tone of each narrative by influencing the insane and terrifying actions of each character. Conflict within all of Poe’s narratives present an atmosphere of terror that makes the reader tremble in his/her seat by creating terrifying situations. An example of this is the conflict that occurs in The Tell Tale Heart. In this horrifying piece, the narrator is a…

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