Essay on An Absurd Hero

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Lucky, during and after his speech, holds many qualities of an absurd hero. His relapse into muteness does not necessarily constitute a complete loss of consciousness, rather, it seems to facilitate the idea that Lucky 's consciousness is preserved. His dialogue in the play, or lack thereof, is a testament to Pozzo 's fears of being overthrown, and thus explains the constrictions which Pozzo applies on Lucky 's movement, speech and thought. Such constrictions would not need to be applied if Lucky 's thoughts did not challenge Pozzo 's established equilibrium (himself at the top with the ultimate purpose of being there). It is through both acceptance and realisation of the absurd, and thus the meaninglessness of life, that Lucky is an absurd hero and threatens the presupposed equilibrium in the play. However, Pozzo himself is not lucid and so fails to see that by revolting, i.e. speaking, Lucky realises that meaninglessness and by conforming he accepts it. Thus Lucky can be bisected, the Lucky which acts as a 'prop ' to Pozzo but accepts its position and the Lucky which breaks out as a character, and reveals to us that he realises the senselessness of man 's conclusions on absolutes. Lucky in each instance boasts man 's allegiance to man, opposed to a pre-war allegiance to absolutes.

As correctly noted by Hegel, "There is a mutual dependance between Pozzo and Lucky that is advantageous to the developing consciousness of Lucky". The question arises as to whether Lucky…

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