An Abortion Is the Deliberate Killing of a Human Being Essay

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Biomedical Ethics PHIL 235 EC
Sunday April 16th, 2006


"An abortion is the deliberate killing of a human being. As such, it is a murder. When you kill an unborn child, you rob it of its whole future life. Therefore it is never morally permissible and it should be illegal." Critically assess that claim.

Abortion is one of the most controversial and frequently debated topics in the world. The fact that the topic involves a persons right to choice, the ethical and moral question of what's right or wrong as well as what the definition of murder constitutes, it can easily be rejected or approved by a wide variety of people depending on their personal beliefs. Over the past few generations there have been much
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Pregnancy also plays a big toll on people's emotions, health and physical conditions. It is not something one can just neglect at the time, or disregard after the baby is born and the adoption requirements are fulfilled. The study notes on the topic explain further that from a feminist perspective, a central moral feature of pregnancy is that it takes place in women's bodies and has a profound effect on women's lives. For a woman to carry a child inside of her for nine months is something no person can ever forget. Her mind and body will always remind her of that, not to mention all of the people who were in her life during that time. It is absurd to think that with all the pressures that a woman has to face when dealing with childbirth, more specifically in terms of emotional, physical and mental changes that occur, a woman would be denied the right to choose her own self determination.
Those who argue against abortion argue that the act of aborting a child is a deliberate act of murder, killing a human being. But what exactly is a human being? According to definition, a human being means having the characteristic of humans; showing positive aspects of nature distinguishing humans from other animals (an act of human kindness); Subject to the imperfections associated with humans; having the form of a human. According to Wikipedia on fetal development, in the development of a child in the womb, the stage of fetal development doesn't

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