Amy's Bread-Case Study Essay

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1. Who are the main players (name and position)? The main players in Amy’s Bread are Amy the owner and founder of Amy’s bread. Also Toy Kim Dupree who is Amy’s manager, he handles day to day operations, and helps Amy with decisions. 2.) In what business or businesses and industry or industries is the company operating? Amy’s Bread specializes in making specialty breads and pastries. All of their baked goods are home-made, and she works with about 50-whole sale customer, as well as retail. 3.) What are the issues and problems facing the company? (Sort them by importance and urgency.) Some of the issues or problems that Amy’s Bread is facing are 1.) There isn’t enough space in …show more content…
She is located in Manhattan, which is a very expensive location that factors into her decision on where she should move to. She would never want to decrease the value of her products using cheaper ingredients, or she always makes sure her employees are above the pay rate of most others causing her financial situation to be a problem. 6.) What are the characteristics of the industry that the company is in and how is the industry changing over time? The characteristic of the industry is that it is very popular in Manhattan. Working in a bakery is very time consuming, tedious job. As Amy explains “a baker’s work is really never done”. Working with bread can be very challenging. Bread can be affected by the air, temperature, and timing. The job itself is very physically demanding. Employees of Amy’s have converted to and starting utilizing mechanics for the dough shaping, and baking process. Amy didn’t follow this because she believed that each item should be hand shaped and individually baked. 7.) What is the firm’s strategy for differentiation, enabling them to compete within the context of their industry? Amy’s Bread being in the industry of baking goods in Manhattan is a highly competitive industry. In order to differentiate from the competition she ensures high quality bread. Unlike her competitors she made her bread by hand shaping each one and individual baking of each bread. Another way is that most of her prices have not changed

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