Amy Tan 's The Joy Luck Club Essay

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The immigrant experiences in America are observed in most of the short stories published in collections by various authors. Some of them include Amy Tan with her short story, Two Kinds, which was released in 1989 and is extracted from her novel, The Joy Luck Club. Also, in her other short story entitled Mother Tongue, she focuses on the salient differences between Amy Tan and her mother, based on language. Other writers such as Jhumpa Lahiri examine the experience of immigrants in America. She uses her short stories, Mrs. Sen’s and The Third and Final Continent in the author’s collection, Interpreter of Maladies. Lan Cao and Chitra Banerjee also examine the challenges of immigration in their texts; The Gift of Language and Clothes, respectively. By studying these texts, readers are enlightened on the unfortunate experiences faced by these immigrants that abandon their cultures while in America. Two Kinds mainly addresses the challenges faced by mothers and daughters of Chinese descent due to their disparity in cultures based on the latter’s affiliation with the American culture. As prior mentioned, a similar twist is notable in Amy Tan’s short story, Mother Tongue. As she grows up in America speaking fluent English, her mother struggles with broken English due to her Chinese roots. Just like Amy Tan, Lahiri’s focus is mainly on Mrs. Sen’s, an Indian immigrant into America. Mrs. Sen’s is also the protagonist of the short story. She often misses her family back in India…

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