Amy Tan 's The Heart Of A Writer Essay

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On Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Amy Tan was a speaker at the third Wooster Forum. Her presentation was called, The Heart of a Writer. Amy Tan is the famous author of the popular novel, The Joy Luck Club. She has written other novels including, The Bonesetter’s Daughter and The Hundred Secret Senses. Tan draws many of her novels influences from the relationships between a mother and her daughter. In her younger years, Amy Tan, never wanted to become a writer. Good or bad fate, images, and memory play key roles in helping her write a novel. Amy Tan had to overcome so much adversity that when it came to writing, memories from her life actually helped her become the popular novelist she is today.
Many of Amy Tan’s novels have a mother-daughter theme to them. This important component is because when she was young her and her mother did not have the best relationship. She told the audience that, indeed, her mother influenced her writing because Amy Tan’s characters needed faults. Characters in her novels needed to overcome obstacles, and her mother had a lot of obstacles to overcome. She shared stories from her childhood with the audience. One of these stories occurred when Amy was young and she had a childhood friend die; and, while they were at the wake her mother leaned over and told her that death is what happens when she does not listen to her mother. Amy Tan’s mother had a lot of hardships to overcome though. She married a man, the bad man, and had four kids with him, one…

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