Amy Tan 's Joy Luck Club Essay

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There is no doubt that everyone wants to accomplish the American dream; however, it can never be attained unless one is willing to sacrifice and suffer. In fact, many new immigrants selflessly make many sacrifices so that their children may have an opportunity to realize this feat. In Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club, Tan demonstrates how four Chinese mothers immigrate to America in hope for a better future. While they are able to enjoy the freedom that they could not find in China, they are not able to establish a good relationship with their daughters due to their differences in values and expectations. Through this novel, it is evident that adhering to restrictive Chinese culture while living in America has an impact on the relationships between the mothers and daughters. As a result of their different values, education and marriage, conflicts always arise, which ultimately put a strain on their relationships. Firstly, the significant difference between Chinese and American culture will led a misunderstanding in family, and ultimately strain their relationship. For example, in The Joy Luck Club the cultural difference in clothing makes the American daughter think her mother’s Chinese customs “were too fancy for Chinese people […], and too strange for American parties” (Tan, 16). In addition, the American daughter is using her own perseverance to judge on her mother’s Chinese custom. As an American daughter, how can she know if the custom is too fancy to Chinese people or not.…

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