Essay about Amy Tan Style Of Writing

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Amy Tan style of writing came from culture impact of the third generation

therefore Amy work was highly inspired by her American up bring and her chinese

background. Most of Tan’s novel have one similar connection the importance of

mother daughter relationship. The Joy Luck Club was made up into sixteen stories

each about club members and American born daughters who immigrated from

china. The mothers and daughters share stories of there lives about their families in

china and the families that they have in the united states. Amy Tan theme of the

novel focuses on mother daughter relationship in both culture and also focus past an

present generation. Tan went onto write the kitchen God’s Wife this also again is

about a mother daughter relationship. Amy has now place her focus on one family

and the relationship between a mother and daughter who have been keeping a

secret that may have them to form a closer relationship . Tan also went on and

published children novel “The Moon Lady “ based of the “The Joy Luck Club “.

The Hundred Secret Senses novel Tan try more to focus on the relationship

between two sisters one which was an American born daughter to a chinese father ,

and the older sister born from a pervious marriage, her older sister had a belief in

gosh , and that may have clash with her relationship she had with her sister. Amy

Tan work was popular and had a large female audience who read her book because

she had the…

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