Essay on Amy Hempel 's The Harvest

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Amy Hempel is an American short story writer and teacher born in Chicago, Illinois on 14 December 1951. She wrote several good stories, and “the Harvest” is one of them. Amy Hempel flash piece "the harvest" was developed with the use of backstory that foreshadows what is going on in the story. The technic employed in this short story elucidates how exaggeration can twist an entire event. She begins the story with a strong thesis by arguing at the first paragraph that "the first time she learned to say vase instead of vazh, a man nearly accidently killed her." This statement is where the entire event begins to morph. She later implies that “the man was not hurt when the other car hit ours”. That statement means that there is, at least, an accident between two vehicles , and the man who is on her car was without injuries. Meanwhile, Amy, the author came out with an injury in her leg. The man comes and helps Amy. Her blood was on the front of his clothes when he said that she will be all right, but his sweater was ruined . However, Amy used exaggeration when she stated that when at the hospital, her injury on the leg requires five hundred stitches. She apparently tried to amplify her pain that was much emotional than physical. "The damage to her leg was just considered cosmetic. " Later on, she demonstrates that the worries about her physical appearance make her conscious about the wellbeing her body. Amy reveals later on that a backstory foreshadows this…

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