Amy Chua 's Parenting Style Essay

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Several parents believe that their parenting style is superior to others. Amy Chua is an excellent example of a superior parenting style. Chua believes Chinese parenting is the best compared to alternative styles (219-22). Hanna Rosin’s parenting style contradicts Chua’s style. Rosin believes in a laid back parenting style, and she gives utmost freedom to her children (222-25). There are several aspects of Chua’s parenting style many do not agree with. Similarly, there are aspects of Rosin’s parenting style several people do not agree with. Therefore, many parents have adopted a parenting style in between Amy Chua’s and Hanna Rosin’s. Amy Chua’s strict parenting style restricted her daughters, Louisa and Sophia, from attending a sleepover, participating in a school production, and playing any instrument other than the violin or piano (219). Chua promotes no social activities, only academic (219). Amy Chua compares Chinese parenting to Western parenting. She talks about her Western friends and states that her friends think they are strict by forcing their children to practice instruments for thirty minutes. Meanwhile, Chua makes her daughters practice for two to three hours a day (219). The majority of parents disagree with Amy Chua’s technique, and believe children deserve to have fun in an activity.
Hanna Rosin’s parenting style is the complete opposite of Amy Chua’s. Rosin believes in allowing children to explore and have fun (223). Also, Rosin believes exploration is the…

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