Amusing Ourselves For Death By Neil Postman Essay

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Amusing Ourselves to Death, explains how television creates communication by redefining public discourse. Public discourse is the forms of conversation dealing with political, religious, or commercial. Throughout the book, Neil Postman explains how society has become unknowledgeable about the changes because of being too consumed in its epistemology. Postman starts the book by showing historical facts in the first part of the book and describes the effects of media in American life throughout the second part of the book. Television, along with photography and telegraphy, is affecting human values and their critical thinking skills. Postman focuses mostly on the “serious discourses” involving politics, education, science, religion, and news. Television has turned “news”, religion, science, etc. into amusing entertainment rather than teaching. Therefore, he argues that humans need to take control of media taking over and learn to cope with it. From Postman’s clear and preference argument about media, the text presents how television is an enemy of American growth.
Postman shows anger towards the way news has changed under the influence of media. He introduces the concept of "news" in the “Age of Show Business” and the idea of decontextualization. “This idea –that there is a content called “the news of the day”—is entirely created by the telegraph..., which made it possible to move decontextualized information over vast spaces at incredible speed” (Postman 8). Postman describes…

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