Amozon Kindle Fire Marketing Essay

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In this paper, we are going to continue investigating Amazon Kindle Fire, the newest tablet in the market. It is interesting to analyze this to the strongest competitor, Apple iPad. We will discuss what kind of category Kindle Fire belongs to, how is its product life cycle and its branding strategy. And we will take a look at what distribution strategy it applies, what the pricing strategy is as well as its promotion strategy. Finally, we will make some recommendations to Amazon Kindle Fire’s marketing mix, which are product, price, place and promotion.

Classification of products
Amazon Kindle Fire belongs to the Shopping product category.
• Purchase behavior of Consumers: Consumers will only buy Kindle Fire
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Some of they prefer to shop in the market. They want to touch and compare it to other similar products. And this is what Amazon focuses on because there are so many retailers available to consumers. Amazon contacts with retailers, such as Best-Buy, to let them make the purchase orders. After Best-Buy gets the items, it will sell it directly to the consumers. It is going from producer to retailer to consumer. And consumers can also get the pre-sale and post-sale services from the retailers, which will, in a degree, enchant consumers purchasing decisions.

Pricing strategy
As the strongest advantage, the price of Amazon Kindle Fire is only $199, which is lower than any tablet in the market. When Amazon decides the selling price of Kindle Fire, it should follow 6 steps to set the final price.
• Make special adjustments to list or quoted price
The product was very recently released at price of $199. At the moment there are no promotions or discounts. Product is just introduced to the market; customers are still doing research on the product.
• Set list or quoted price
There is only one kind of Kindle Fire. $199 is the set price for this product. It only comes in one size, memory and in only one color (black).
• Set an appropriate price level
Profit oriented approach: Since our product is $199 dollars, making it the cheapest tablet on the market, the sales will be very high because it’s in the

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